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Club Fixtures 2024

To be arranged



Sat 20th Beddau Home Gareth Wales Cup

Sat 27th Gelligalad Away MG Div3 2pm Start

Mon 29th Llantrisant Home R2


Thu 2nd BYE R3

Sat 4th Hirwaun Away MG div3

Mon 6th Maerdy Away R2

Thu 9th Aberdare Home R3

Sat 11th Blaenrhondda Home Carruthers Shield

Mon 13th Ynysybwl Home R2

Thu 16th Gelligalad Away R3

Sat 18th No Game

Mon 20th Beddau Home R2

Thu 23rd Beddau Home R3

Sat 25th Pengelli Away WD Jones Cup

Mon 27th Gilfach Goch Away R2

Thu 30th Gelli Park Away R3


Sat 1st Hirwaun Home Mid Glam Sat

Mon 3rd Ystradfechan Home R2

Thu 6th Maerdy Home R3

Sat 8th Gelligalad Home Mid Glam Sat

Mon 10th Pontyclun Away R2

Tue 11th Harlequins Away Mid Glam KO Cup

Thu 13th Pengelli Away R3

Sat 15th Pengelli Home Mid Glam Sat

Mon 17th Llantrisant Away R2

Tue 18th BYE was Abercynon H MG div3

Thu 20th BYE R3

Sat 22nd Aberdare Away Mid Glam Sat

Mon 24th Maerdy Home R2

Thu 27th Aberdare Away R3

Sat 29th BYE was Abercynon H MG Sat


Mon 1st Ynysybwl Away R2

Thu 4th Gelligalad Home R3

Sat 6th Penrhys Away Mid Glam Sat

Mon 8th Beddau Away R2

Thu 11th Beddau Away R3

Sat 13th Ynyscynon Away Mid Glam Sat

Mon 15th Gilfach Gocch Home R2

Thu 18th Gelli Park Home R3

Sat 20th Hirwaun Away Mid Glam Sat

Mon 22nd Ystradfechan Away R2

Thu 25th Maerdy Away R3

Sat 27th Gelligalad Away Mid Glam Sat

Mon 29th Pontyclun Home R2


Thu 1st Pengelli Home R3

Sat 3rd Pengelli Away Mid Glam Sat

Thu 8th Cyfartha Castle Home MG div3

Sat 10th Aberdare Home Mid Glam Sat

Thu 15th Pengelli Home MG div3

Sat 17th BYE was Abercynon A MG Sat

Sat 24th Penrhys Home Mid Glam Sat

Thu 27th Maerdy Away MG div3 & Mal Davies Cup

Sat 31st Ynyscynon Home Mid Glam Sat


Sat 7th Pengelli Away John Dayment Cup

Please note, above fixtures are subject to change


Club Fixtures 2023


Sat 15th Beddau Away Gareth Wales Cup POSTPONED

Mon 24th Llantrisant Home R2 POSTPONED Now 14th Aug

Sat 29th Hirwaun Home MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 54-39


Thu 4th Pontypridd Home R3 now Tue 1st Aug

Thu 11th Gelligalad Away R3 Pts 2-10, Shots 39-45

Sat 13th Ynysangharad Home Carruthers Shots 59-68

Mon 15th Ynysybwl Home R2 Pts 0-10, Shots 27-36

Thu 18th Beddau Home R3 Pts 10-2, Shots 78-35

Sat 20th Pengelli Home MG Sat Pts 0-12, Shots 35-48.5

Mon 22nd Beddau Home R2 Pts 8-2, Shots 32-29.75

Thu 25th Penrhys Away R3 Pts 12-0, Shots 62-42

Sat 27th Aberdare Away MG Sat Pts 12-0, Shots 49-40

Mon 29th Gilfach Goch Away R2 Pts 8-2, Shots 33-28

Tue 30th Pontypridd Home WD Jones Cup Now 21st Jun


Thu 1st Maerdy Home R3 Pts 10-2, Shots 53-38

Sat 3rd Abercynon Home MG Sat Pts 12-0, Shots 64-32

Mon 5th Aberdare Home R2 Pts 8-2, Shots 36-29

Thu 8th Pengelli Away R3 Pts 10-2, Shots 56-46

Sat 10th Penrhys Away MG Sat Pts 0-12, Shots 28-56

Mon 12th Pontyclun Away R2 POSTPONED now 21st Aug 

Tue 13th Abercynon Home MG KO Cup Shots 76-38

Mon 19th Llantrisant Away R2 Pts 2-8, Shots 33-37

Tue 20th Thomastown Home MG Div2 Pts 0-12, Shots 37-50

Wed 21st Pontypridd Home RBBA WD Jones Shots 43.75-44

Thu 22nd Pontypridd Away R3 Pts 12-0, Shots 49-38

Sat 24th Hirwaun Away MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 49-46

Mon 26th Pengelli Home R2 Pts 10-0, Shots 41-28

Tue 27th Ynysangharad Home MG Div2 Pts 8-4, Shots 53-52

Thu 29th Gelligalad Home R3 Pts 12-0, Shots 69-37


Sat 1st Gelligalad Away MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 55-40

Mon 3rd Ynysybwl Away R2 Pts 0-10, Shots 37-40

Tue 4th Troedyrhiw Away MG KO Cup Shots 41-61

Thu 6th Beddau Away R3 Pts 0-12, Shots 38-54

Sat 8th Pengelli Away MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 54-41

Mon 10th Beddau Away R2 Pts 9-1, Shots 33-23.75

Thu 13th Penrhys Home R3 Pts 2-10, Shots 43-64

Sat 15th Aberdare Home MG Sat POSTPONED

Mon 17th Gilfach Goch Home R2 Pts 10-0, Shots 40-22

Tue 18th Maerdy Home Mal Davies Cup Shots 53-42

Thu 20th Maerdy Away R3 Pts 2-10, Shots 43-48

Sat 22nd Abercynon Away MG Sat POSTPONED

Mon 24th Aberdare Away R2 Pts 2-8, Shots 32-36

Thu 27th Pengelli Home R3 Pts 5-7, Shots 52-52

Sat 29th Penrhys Home MG Sat Pts 12-0, Shots 57-33

Mon 31st Pontyclun Home R2 POSTPONED


Tue 1st Pontypridd Home R3 Pts 2-10, Shots 47-54

Thu 3rd Ynysybwl Away MG Div2 Pts 0-12, Shots 32-75

Mon 7th Pengelli Away R2 Pts 0-10, Shots 29-34

Thu 10th Trelewis/Treharris Home MG Div2 Pts 2-10, Shots 40-48

Fri 11th Pontyclun Home R2 Pts 2-8, Shots 32-34

Mon 14th Llantrisant Home R2 POSTPONED

Tue 15th Pontypridd Away MG Div2 Pts 0-12, Shots 44-54

Thu 17th Ynyscynon Away MG Div2 Pts 2-10, Shots 37-49.25

Mon 21st Pontyclun Away R2 Pts 0-10, Shots 17-51

Tue 22nd Aberdare Home MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 50-41

Thu 24th Gelligalad Home MG Sat Pts 12-0, Shots 81-25

Sat 26th Abercynon Away MG Sat Pts 10-2, Shots 66-40


Sat 2nd Pengelli Home John Dayment Cup Shots 62-36

Mon 4th Llantrisant Home R2 Pts 10-0, Shots 58-24

Sat 9th Triples Competition 2 bowls. Roll call 11am.

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